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Application Instructions

  • The AntCant coating functions as a barrier to prevent insects from crossing inclined surfaces.


  • AntCant is non-toxic and works on a variety of different smooth surfaces including tapes (aluminum, masking, plastic, and Gorilla), plastic, tile, glass, saran wrap, and stainless steel.


  • If left undisturbed the coating should last for at least one year outdoors.



1. The surface to be coated must be clean and dry.


2. The angle of the substrate to prevent insects from crossing must be greater than 30 degrees.


3. Spray or brush a uniform coating around and on the surface. DO NOT OVER APPLY.


4. For best results, the coating barrier should be greater than 1 inch wide.


5. The coating will dry at room temperature within 5 minutes.


6. Do not touch or rub the coating after application. It can be inactivated by handling and abrasion.



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